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Michel Vessière

Catherine Fourniau or the search for meaning

Sculpting doesn’t consist in submitting a material to the realisation of a preliminary idea anymore, but consists in accepting what it’s suggesting, and, by association of ideas, in carrying through to completion what we think we perceived. So that the sculpture becomes both another state of the matter and a new idea. Probably there is no definite opposition between a conception of art as incarnation of the idea and as one which claims to take from the things themselves their secret. But the works of art coming from the former or the latter of these intellectual position aren’t alike. The former often leads to conceptual abstraction. The latter produces works much more rooted in the concrete, because the matter calls for creation and not the other way round. (…)

We feel that she went beyond self assertion and that today she lets herself be led by her hand. Didn’t she precisely name one of her piece « None of this belong to me » ?